Friday, October 26, 2012

Winter's Edge

A Schreiber and Sons Winter CSA box from last year.
The slow slide to winter is, fittingly, quite apparent at the farmers' markets.  Vendors and customers alike are gloved, coated and hatted.  The man with the winter kale, pansy and violet plants appears.  Squashes and pumpkins tumble from pickup beds.  Ornamental gourds and gourdettes brighten the scene with their rustic fall colors.  Wreathes and swags of hot peppers are hung.  Blueberries are already gone, raspberries are nearly gone, and strawberries have made a brave last show.  No more peaches and nectarines ... and melons are but a memory.  And everything has a new taste to it ... yes, you can taste the edge of winter.  It's a taste to savor as we head into the dark months. 

But even today, at the very last Richland Farmers' Market of the season, I had a spirited conversation with Margie at the Schreiber and Sons booth about roasting vegetables.  Winter  vegetables.  When entering a new season of the year, it's important to embrace it for what it offers!

When the farmers' markets close, you can still shop for local produce and meats and dairy products and eggs ... and so much more ... at the Food Hub in Richland.  You can also sign up for Schreiber and Sons' Winter CSA boxes, as I have done this fall for the fourth time.

Eating local is getting a lot easier in the Tri-Cities!  Thank you to all the dedicated farmers and their staffs, Food Hub organizers and volunteers, and EVERYONE who makes eating local possible for us all!