Dinner Plates

When people hear that we don't eat grains and legumes, and no flour, and no sugar, they invariably ask, "What DO you eat?"  Most nights when I sit down to dinner, I realize that the plate before me answers that question.  Local produce abounds, and it's harder to leave things OFF the dinner menu than to figure out what to put on it!

One thing's for sure ... THIS stuff is looking less and less like food, and more like the nutritionally deficient powder it really is.  So you won't find it in our food.

Powdered sugar, granulated sugar, wheat flour. 
Instead, we try to focus on fresh, whole foods and good fats. 

Wild salmon poached with ghee and lemon juice, sauteed asparagus and onion, slaw of julienned beet, carrot and zucchini, avocado slices, cucumber.
Salad of arugula and mixed greens with creamy vinaigrette and fresh strawberries, grass-fed lamb chop, mixed olives, carrots sauteed in ghee with fresh mint.
Steamed asparagus, zucchini "noodles" with sundried tomatoes, olive oil, feta, onion and Kalamata olives, bison sliders with chopped prosciutto.

Cabbage wedge with creamy vinaigrette, grass-fed lamb chop, sweet potatoes roasted with smoked paprika, Heidi Swanson's Spicy Coconut Spinach.

Baked yam slices, field cress, prosciutto-wrapped scallops in lime/cilantro sauce (and some scallops sans prosciutto), kohlrabi slices, avocado.

Valley Cafe Vegetables, homemade grass-fed pork sausage patty, mushrooms and onions sauteed in sausage pan.
Coconut flour pancakes with mango and our homegrown strawberries and blueberries.  Baron Farms local eggs, "natural" bacon.

Ghee-poached wild salmon on farmers' market romaine, with julienne carrots and zucchini, creamy vinaigrette with tarragon.  Olives, avocado, grapefruit, and Foster Farms pickled asparagus.
Bacon-topped wild scallops in lime-tarragon-garlic sauce, sliced jicama, yam, and sauteed local chard and asparagus.
Omelette of fresh, local eggs; bacon, 'shrooms and local broccoli; farmers' market cukes and raspberries; cantaloupe.

Spicy Indian Shepherd's Pie with farmers' market veggies, yams and local grass-fed beef; celery, cauliflower and walnuts; local blueberries; yogurt.

Local grass-fed lamb chop with mint; carrots and zucchini; farmers' market blackberries, chard and onion.

Fourth of July Feast:  Grilled grass-fed beef burger, cabbage and carrot slaw, farmers' market pickled beets, Warm and Tangy Potato Salad, and tomato, onion and avocado.
Undeservedly Good Shrimp, cucumber spears, rice, braised chard, and blueberries just picked from our garden.  Rice isn't paleo, but we lean to the Perfect Health Diet's attitude toward carbs.
Bison lasagne with zucchini "noodles," avocado, yam.

Farmer's market greens and herbs with creamy Oregonzola dressing, local zucchini "noodles" with sundried tomatoes and olive oil, Painted Hills ribeye.

Multicolored local carrots with cumin and mint, homemade Blue Valley Meats pork sausage patty, farmer's market greens.

Sliced Painted Hills ribeye on farmer's market greens and herbs, with local cucumbers, sweet onion and zucchini, and homegrown Sun Sugar tomatoes.

Bacon-topped wild scallops with lime and cilantro, saute of summer squashes, sweet oinion and mushrooms, and Savoy Faire Slaw.
Roasted Hatch chilis in Chili Rellenos Americanos, made with Baron Farms pastured eggs and topped with mushrooms and bacon.  Fresh raspberries, Savoy cabbage and carrot slaw, and salsa made from our son-in-law's dad's tomatoes, cukes and jalapenos.

Applegate farms organic chicken sausage, rice with homemade pesto (Schreiber and Sons basil), sauteed farmers' market zucchini and onions, home-grown cherry tomatoes, and sliced farmers' market cukes.

Wild salmon baked with onion topping and ghee, Foster Farms pickled asparagus, chopped veggie salad with farmers' market arugula, baked yams with toasted almond/coconut oil topping, and olives.

Gyros with local lamb and beef.  Farmers' market cukes, sauteed cabbage with chopped almond/coconut oil topping, yams, and chopped salad a la farmer's market.
Sauteed chard with onion and apple, roasted organic potatoes from Schreiber and Sons, and a Baron Farms grass-fed beef patty topped with avocado.

Mom's birthday feast: Shepherd's pie made with grassfed lamb.  Schreiber and Sons brussels sprouts, steamed and tossed with ghee and nutmeg.  Homemade pickled beets (also Schreiber!) and bulgur-free tabbouli with cherry tomatoes, cukes, green onion, and parsley and mint from the garden.  Just make your favorite tabbouli recipe without the bulgur!  Scrumptious.

Baron Farms grass-fed beef patty topped with cheddar and tomato.  Farmers' Market salad with fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of Perel blood orange vinegar.  Dill pickles.  Carrots, celery and leeks with some rice stirred in.

Skillet-poached salmon with ghee.  Russian cukes (Schreiber and Sons).  Beet greens topped with a sprinkle of Perel blood orange vinegar.  Sauteed leeks with mashed potato and cream stirred in.
Baron Farms pot-roasted pork with white wine, garlic and rosemary.  Sauteed Schreiber and Sons kale and leeks.  Spicy olives, and a dab of white rice.

Baron Farms roast pork, Delicata squash with apples, rosemary and cinnamon, cilantro-mint-lemon chutney, and cranberries cooked with apple juice.

Baked sweet potatoes and yams, Baron Farms cube steak with garlic and rosemary.  Mangoes with pomegranate seeds and a shard of coconut butter.  Salad of greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, pears, walnuts, and vinaigrette.
Lunch at the Green Spoon in Walla Walla.  Turkish-style lamb burger (no bun), with tomato, tzatziki, avocado side and green salad.
Grassfed Chuck Roast (slow cooked).  Kale, Cranberry and Blood Orange Salad, Spaghetti Squash.

Wild Scallops with Lime and Cilantro.  Kale, Cranberry and Blood Orange Salad.  Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Yams.  Diced kiwi with pomegranate seeds.

Thankful for Thanksgiving:  Roast turkey, Winter CSA cranberries with plum sauce, roasted veggies, potatoes with paleo gravy, salad of greens and beets from first Winter CSA box. 

Upper Dry Creek Ranch lamb burger with Rogan Josh seasoning, mint/yogurt sauce, saffron cauliflower pilaf, Winter CSA salad greens with vinaigrette, and sliced avocado.

Spaghetti squash with mediterranean sauce (I adapted the online recipe for our way of eating), Winter CSA broccoli, and grapefruit slices.
Christmas prime rib with homemade horseradish cream, potato gratin with Pure Eire cream, olive mix, green salad, Foster Farms pickled asparagus.
Kale stew ... just add generous amounts of chopped kale to your favorite beef stew!

Wild scallops with ghee,  Pure Eire cream, and parsley.  Green olives.  Carrot and cabbage slaw, yam wedges tossed in coconut oil and Tandoori spices.

Baron Farms grassfed beef burger, CSA chard simmered with CSA pears and dusted with cinnamon.  Cauiflower mash ... steamed cauliflower mashed with ghee and a little Parmesan.  Cooked carrots tossed with ghee and artichoke hearts and topped with toasted pepitas.

Salmon salad with avocado, cucumber and bacon

Local chicken from the slow cooker, CSA spinach with bacon.  Lemon and cumin slaw.

Spinach & onion, local chicken from the slow cooker, beet and potato rosti, olives & pickled veg.

Scallops with bacon, local asparagus, baked yam slice, avocado and cucumber salsa.
Baron Farms grassfed beef patty with bacon atop, pineapple side, avocado and cucumber salsa, lemon and cumin slaw made with lime juice instead of lemon, and a dab of rice for fun.

Fresh CSA organic asparagus with lemon, fresh CSA turnip greens/turnip salad with chili garlic dressing, and scallops with bacon, lime and cilantro.
CSA asparagus, local natural bacon, Baron Farms egg, parsley from the garden (it's packed with nutrients!) and pistachio-pineapple coconut bark.

The Big Summer Salads are coming:  CSA greens, asparagus and turnip, with olives, salmon and avocado.

Kind of a Vietnamese Bahn Mi salad ... Baron farms pork alongside cukes, cabbage slaw, shredded kohlrabi and carrot, cilantro and mango, with an Oriental sesame-fish sauce dressing.
Saffron roasted local chicken, green beans sauteed in ghee and topped with walnuts, plantain fritter, fresh local cukes.

Salmon, farmers' market greens salad, mofongo (plantain fritter), farmers' market broccoli.

Farmers' market greens topped with salmon, citrus/chipotle dressing, avocado, orange, tomatoes, and local cukes.