Dining Out

Wherein I direct your attention to some exceptional local eateries where dining bread-free and grain-free can be accomplished easily and deliciously. 


The Green Spoon, Walla Walla

Located right on Main Street, The Green Spoon is perfect for lunch while experiencing the delights of downtown Walla Walla. 

Sunny and cheerful, and festooned with local art, The Green Spoon is a pleasant venue for dining and conversation.  On one visit, we saw a painting being sold and taken off the wall to be handed to the new owner!

The Green Spoon offers pre-made entrees and side dishes, so you can enjoy lunch and pick something up for dinner at the same time. 

We had Salmon with Potato and Beet Rosti, served with braised greens and a delicious sauce.

The Turkish lamb burger (sans bun) is wonderfully spicy.  It's served with tzatziki.  I added an avocado side. 

The Aussie Lot burger was equally capable of standing on its own.  Be sure to ask for the housemade ketchup. 

The Curry of the Day was superb (we occasionally have rice when eating out), especially with wild salmon as the meat choice. 

The Green Spoon has gluten-free and vegan options, as you might expect in a funky college town! 

They have a birthday club ... free dinner on your birthday. I signed up, and am already perusing the menu to decide what to have ...

Turkish Lamb Burger (sans bun)

The Aussie Lot Burger (sans bun)
Curry of the Day, with Salmon


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