Local Food Providers

One of the biggest hurdles to eating local is FINDING the food!  If you find local food products that aren't listed on the Local Food Links sites, please let me know at eatingthescenery@gmail.com.  Let's help keep local vendors in business.



Check out the Northwest Regional Food Hub's shop at 603 Goethals in Richland, and their website, Shop the Northwest.

I'm excited to find The Radioactive Vegan, a sister local food blogger here in the Tri-Cities, Washington.  Welcome! 

Find Tri-Cities area food producers and farmers' markets

Local providers I recommend

Ethos Bakery
Check their website for latest developments.  Ethos has begun making pizzas in their wood-fired oven, on Friday and Saturday nights.  If I ate bread, I'd be there!  They've also re-opened the espresso cafe at the Richland Library (as of April 9, 2012) and serve excellent coffee and pastries there that certainly look good.  If I ate pastries ... well, you know!

Baron Farms
Grass-fed beef and pastured pork, and the best eggs you've ever tasted.  I love their sausage, and their ground beef patties are delicious, and quick to prepare.  Waaaaay tastier than that Costco stuff!  They're at the Richland Farmers' Market, but in winter, order online and pick up at one of their neighborhood drop sites, or contact them by phone and go to the farm in Wapato. 

Heavenly Hills Harvest
This family cares more about how your food is raised than YOU probably do!  Meet them if you can.

Gilmore Farms, Pasco (no website)
In season at Pasco, Richland and Kennewick farmers' markets.  Luscious organic peaches, nectarines, apples, plums, pluots.

Schreiber and Sons Farm
Offers summer and winter CSAs, most produce organic or minimally treated.   The only local source (that I've found) of greens like collard, kale, chard and mustard, or arugula and salad mixes.  I started this blog to document  my first experience receiving Winter CSA boxes, and just kept going through the second winter CSA.  Just signed up for my third one.  If you want to see what kind of produce you'll be getting, click here, or select 'CSA boxes' on my blog's 'Categories' list.  Alan Schreiber farms with a conscience and with enthusiasm for trying new things.

Pat 'n Tam's Beef 
Not 100% grassfed, but darn good.  They finish the meat with a feed mix that includes legumes.  Check their website, though ... they're always mulling over various issues and put a lot of thought into their business.

Pure Eire Dairy
Rampantly raved about all over my blog ... I only use their heavy cream, but I can only imagine how ethereal their milk is.  They offer raw milk, too.

Moonlight Cellar Sparkling Wine
Local champagne for toasting the new year!  You gotta meet this guy. 

Apres Vin
I don't use grapeseed oil anymore, but if I did, I'd use Apres Vin.

Sheffield Cider
Tasty, but costly.  I use it for special occasions.  Available at Yokes in Pasco.

Monteillet Fromagerie
Tasty, but costly.  Artisan products usually are ... folks are trying to make a living providing high quality foods for us.  So I like to support them whenever I feel I can.

Knutzen's Meats
Easy to find on Court Street in Pasco, open generous hours.  Be aware that Painted Hills beef is not 100% grassfed ... it's grain finished.  They do carry grassfed lamb.  Plans are afoot to carry more grassfed meats, so stay tuned.

Anderson Ranches Grassfed Lamb
Available at Knutzen's Meats.  100% grassfed and delicious.

Aichele Farms (no website)
Beautiful and delicious raspberries and strawberries all season long, no sprays used on their farm.  In season at Pasco, Richland and Kennewick farmers' markets.

Shop the Northwest.
They serve as a drop point for YOUR order of local products.  Check them out!  Easier and more dependable than the farmers' markets, where vendors sometimes miss a market day or two.

Happy 'Lil Homestead
Chickens, eggs, pork ... and turkeys for Thanksgiving.  I've been completely pleased with all my HLH products, and especially the friendliness and organizing skills of Chera Antos, who makes picking up my pre-ordered products easy at the Food Hub.

Booth Brine
Go to Food Hub.  Buy Booth Brine pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi.  Be amazed.  Indeed, "amazing" is the word most often uttered sponaneously by those consuming Vince Booth's products for the first time.  Highly recommended!