Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012: Winter CSA Boxes 8 and 9

Box 8:  The toothsome kale!  The spectacularly fresh salad greens!  The rainbow of chard!  The crisp, juicy Fuji apples!  Little garlic heads, and a swatch of dried oregano.

And that other thing, there?  I'm not ungrateful.  But we don't eat grain flours anymore.  The times, they are a'changin,' nutrition wise.

Box 9, below:   More salad greens of exquisite, dewy freshness. Spinach ... and KALE! (Smiles all around). Split peas (already spoken for .. that means you, Vicki), dried sage, awesome Rowley and Hawkins dried tart cherries, and a cavalcade of apples. Me happy.


  1. Man, kale and split peas? I got cilantro and white beans .. I'm jealous. Those cherries are AMAZING!

  2. As a kale-o-holic, I was pleased. But cilantro is good! Yes, the cherries are tasty. They have already gone into coconut butter bark ... with chopped almonds ...