Sunday, November 8, 2009

From whence cometh our veggies: the Winter CSA begins

Looking north from my home. About 17 miles out there lies the farm where my Winter CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes will originate. Delivery to a drop point near my home begins November 24, and will continue every two weeks for five months. The same day, I'll pick up a dozen eggs from another local farmer.

Much that is awry with our country, I feel, could be corrected if we invest our resources in products and services close to home. It makes a huge difference to meet and talk to the people who grow your food and who handle your money. There's an accountability you don't find from remote corporations.

To that end, I signed up for the first-ever Winter CSA offering in our area. The CSA farmer's motto is "Pay for flavor, not transportation." My motto: "It's not health food if nobody eats it." So ... let the creative cooking begin!

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