Monday, November 30, 2009

Spinach: The Anti-Carb

After a Thanksgiving trip hiatus from my CSA responsibilities, I returned to inspect my patiently waiting veggies. The spinach looked like it should be used first, and what better counterbalance to over-rich eating than virtuous, iron-rich, noble spinach? The leaves were thick but tender and flavorful, and such a dark, earthy green!

As for messy pots and colanders and squeezing cooked spinach by hand, I say, why? I just took my kitchen shears to the bowl of cleaned spinach, reducing it to a semi-chopped state, then put it into a Corning casserole and microwaved it for 3-4 minutes. Once it had wilted, I used the shears to chop it further.

The hot, chopped spinach was tossed into the cream sauce, for which I used milk instead of cream. After the spinach was added, I undercooked it just a tad to avoid mushiness.

We had a light post-holiday supper, with a fried egg and a homemade whole-wheat roll. And left the table feeling healthier than when we sat down.

This recipe is from a blog I like: Creamed Spinach Recipe

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