Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sourdough Buckwheat Pancakes

Well, who could resist trying this recipe? My stepson told me about the Whole Health Source website, and as I have an interest in baking with sourdough, this naturally-yeasted pancake recipe, and the information about buckwheat's nutritive values, caught my eye. That's a pretty impressive amount of complete protein.

The batter produces neat little pancakes and plenty of bubbles so that they cook through. I used a little ghee on the griddle for each batch and I do recommend that to prevent sticking.

Mr. Eating the Scenery ate these for breakfast and pronounced them tasty. They are sturdy (as any whole grain bread should be!) and a tad bit chewy, but all in all quite satisfying. Next time I'll try making a thin "crepe" version to use for savory wraps.

This recipe, with quantities and alterations I give below.

You'll need raw, untoasted buckwheat (I found it at the local health food store), distilled or other non-chlorinated water, and salt.

Two cups of buckwheat made 18 four-inch pancakes.

I followed the instructions given, using 2 cups of buckwheat, distilled water to about 2 inches over it for the first soaking, and 1-1/4 teaspoons salt at the batter stage. (Author called for 2/3 teaspoon salt per cup of buckwheat, a very uncommon measurement! I adapted as best as my non-mathematical brain could.)

The first "fermenting" (for 12 hours) didn't produce any fermenty fragrance, but after washing the buckwheat thoroughly, making the batter, and fermenting it at room temperature for 24 hours, I did get a little tang.

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