Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books, Locally Roasted Coffee, Pure Eire Milk ...

Picture the east sun warming your back as you sip delicious, locally-roasted Buzz Joy coffee, perhaps in a latte, while browsing the Richland Library's wondrous Friends of the Library Book Sale Room shelves or perhaps visiting with a friend at the convenient and comfortable tables in the light and airy foyer.

Now imagine discovering that Buzz Joy's coffee shop at the library uses delicious, fresh, local, Pure Eire milk (from grass-fed cows) in its coffee drinks! I'm not a huge fan of the word "bliss," but putting all these things together in one place makes for a pretty darn pleasant experience.

To my amazement, Heather at the Buzz Joy coffee shop told me that having Pure Eire milk delivered is cheaper than picking up organic milk at Winco. Heather is also committed to recycling and her enthusiasm for walking lightly on the earth is quite contagious.

Check out Pure Eire's website for the amazing facts about why milk from grass-fed cows is superior to standard organic brands. And next time you crave a great cup of coffee or want to meet a friend for a cup, remember this lovely new option.

I found a video to show you what's going on in the coffee shop and book sale department at the library!

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