Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An All-Local Dinner

So often these last months of the Winter CSA, I've noticed that everything I'm serving for dinner is locally produced. It happened again tonight. We had a lovely salad of CSA greens and shredded CSA beets, baked CSA potatoes, and locally-raised chicken.

We really appreciate knowing our farmers--we have met them all. Recently the person who provides our local eggs and chickens sent an e-mail that his farm received a 100% on its agricultural inspection. We enjoy the e-mails from our CSA farmer telling us what is going on at the farm and what to expect in our boxes, and giving us information about the various vegetables themselves and how they were raised.

I know there are lots of sophisticated arguments for and against eating locally, but I don't spend too much time on them. Receiving my Winter CSA box every two weeks has been a great spirit-lifter and cooking challenge. And when the farmers' markets open here in town, I'll be buying the bulk of our food at them. It's just fresher and tastier than anything the supermarket has shipped in. And 100% of my food dollars go directly to a local farmer--not to transporters and retailers.

If you live in the greater Tri-Cities area, Prosser, or Walla Walla, check out the Slow Food Southeast Washington website and click on "Sources" for listings of markets and local producers.


  1. Your commentary and recipes are a great "spirit-lifter" to me, Becky. not that I shop local or try your recipes, I love reading about the produce and what combinations you come up with. "Muscling in" ingredients, indeed. You crack me up. This note to just say thanks for putting a spring-like step in my winter thinking about my cooking.

  2. Thank you! But you did make the pear, leek and goat cheese tart and liked it! But I know what you mean. Just opening one cookbook and looking through it gives me ideas and energy to cook yet again.