Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Box the Tenth

With a pang, I admired my array of fresh, local vegetables, realizing that soon my boxes will stop coming. This box held baby bok choy to swoon over, a salad mix with umpteen different types of greens in it, a hulking bag of spinach, bunches of deep-green chives and parsley, green onions and tender, sweet carrots.

I made a luscious greens-and-herbs salad tonight for dinner, and blushed when I remembered the post where I said I was getting tired of greens. No! They are SO delicious and fresh. I don't want my boxes to stop!

But! Only a couple of weeks after the last box, the first local farmer's market will open ... where I can be found regularly taking advantage of the awesome opportunity to buy more of this amazing produce.

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