Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ninth Box!

Okay! Ten pounds of taters, so anyone out there that I know, please call in with how many pounds you are going to take off my hands. They're gorgeous, local ... and we're told in the e-mail that they're NOT treated with sprout retardant, so ... oops ... phone's ringing right now ... kidding. But don't wait!

There's more of that luscious local popcorn I posted about earlier.

While the Thrill of the Box is not gone, it has dimmed. I am getting tired of greens! Never thought it would happen. The spinach and chard in this box are stupendously fresh and I'm sure tasty as always. A couple of the beets I'll julienne to go in tonight's CSA greens salad that's being served with roasted local chicken and ... yep ... baked potatoes. Not complaining! Not complaining!

But. I am ready for Spring. We're told by the farmer that asparagus is coming! Only three more CSA boxes to go, so I'll try and keep the flame alive 'til we reach Box 12!

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