Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second box!

Although I had to wear sunglasses when driving to the drop site, IT IS COLD HERE. Last night the temperature got down to 4 degrees, and stayed at around 19 all day.

The CSA farmer is keeping us informed as to developments on the farm. The carrots and beets are trapped for the moment in frozen ground. Greenhouse heating troubles removed the lettuce mix and the braising greens from our boxes. All growing things are kind of hunkering down right now. Even knowing this ahead of time did not diminish the "Christmas morning" feeling I got when I peeked into my box.

Here is what I saw ... a big 'ol squash of some sort, will look up what kind. Maybe a Hubbard? And a little squash I think is an acorn. Three fists of broccoli, a whole SLEW of rutabagas (I love produce with dirt on it), some turnips, collard greens, spinach, potatoes, and a bag of petite brown lentils. Woo hoo!

The spinach (as thick, green and gorgeous as last time) was flirting with being frozen, so I washed it immediately and it's ready to saute with garlic and olive oil for dinner. I'm most curious about the rutabagas, as I don't recall ever eating them before. I see ... lentil soup ... roasted squash ... and what a perfect time to take a couple of my free-range chickens out of the freezer and roast them with the potatoes.

I am loving this.

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