Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brussels Sprout Slaw with Peppery Maple Pecans

I set out to make a chiffonade saute of the CSA Brussels sprouts, but once I saw them all feathery and fluffed from slicing in the food processor, a slaw came to mind. This recipe is from

The tougher outer leaves you may want to discard, but don't toss away the leaves that fall off when you trim the sprout ends. Just put the leaves in the food processor along with the whole sprouts. Use the 2-mm slicing disk.

In future, I would try making this slaw with raw sprouts; I had already sliced mine raw, so boiled them VERY briefly, then drained them. You don't want them to be soggy.

I really think that if this salad were made ahead, the dressing would temper the raw sprouts when they're sliced this thinly.

Recipe here

My only adjustment: Substitute 1 tablespoon maple syrup for sugar in the dressing recipe. The dressing makes a lot ... if you have fewer sprouts, definitely cut the dressing recipe in half.

If you're going to serve the slaw much later, put in the pecans just before serving so they stay crunchy.

In a hurry? Use purchased pecans or walnuts that are already candied. I used Sahale brand, which I had on hand.


  1. Ooooh, wonder if I'm brave enough to try this delish-sounding recipe on the Husband?! Wonder if my in-counter (came-with-the 80s house) blender might work if I don't have a food processor.
    P.S. Laughed when I saw the "fork" rating system of the Epicurious recipes. Gotta love it.

  2. No! No! Blenders don't slice, and you don't need Brussels sprout puree!

    You can slice the sprouts thinly by hand, though it's more work and you probably won't get them AS thin.

    I love the Epicurious forks, too, and all the comments from people about what they adjusted and substituted!