Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fourth Box!

The adventure continues ... with leeks, gorgeous Fuji apples, Ranger russets, onions, another stalk of Brussels sprouts (wheee!), yellow split peas, a dried herb I think is oregano, and ... some cobs of (I think) popcorn, which is a surprise, as it was not mentioned in the e-mail. I wonder if you can just stick the whole thing in the microwave?

Now I must exercise extreme self control and leave my vegetables in the fridge while I proceed to a family gathering at Eatza Pizza on Road 68. This place has been chosen by the young mothers involved because it is a good place to take kids. It is basically a carb-fest. But I doubt there is a Brussels sprout bar for the adults!

Why can't children clamor to go to an Eatza Kale restaurant, I wonder? If I built one, would they come?


  1. IN RE: your bulding an Eatza Kale restaurant
    I'm thinking that the expression "build it, and they will come" won't apply in this particular situation. ;)

  2. Yes, 'twould be difficult to find venture capitalists willing to support THAT one!