Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giant Fuji Apple Cookies

If you find yourself with some giant, local Fuji apples, this recipe is the best thing to do with them, bar none. With overuse of sugar and white flour being exposed as the culprit of many maladies, getting back to the basic "snack" is important, and made easier when you have fresh, local produce to use. For something so delicious, it's amazing that the health benefits of eating apples are extensive.

Back in the day, the "Apple Man" showed up every fall at our rural Pasco home. His old pickup bed was full of boxes of fresh apples. We'd get apples from friends and relatives, and local orchards, too, but I remember that Mom always bought some from the Apple Man.

Hence, when I was a little kid and my brother and I would ask for a "snack," more often than not Mom fixed us each a bowl of these. Thanks, Mom ... for a great start in appreciating fresh, local food!

Wash, core and slice a big 'ol fresh Fuji apple. Other varieties work just fine, too. If it's local, even better. Place slices appetizingly in a bowl. Find that great book you're reading, settle into a comfy chair, and enjoy your incredible snack, remembering to pause now and then to appreciate its juicy, fresh, crunchy deliciousness.

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