Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fifth Box!

Having found a recipe that calls for THREE red onions, I was getting a little eager for this box!

Lots of red onions, Cameo apples, some rosemary, and a bag each of barley and multi-bean mix. Plus a bag of the most gorgeous local salad greens imaginable, considering that it's January.

And a rutabaga update: The CSA rutabagas in Box 2 looked so dang firm and sturdy that I shoved 'em to the back of the fridge while I used up some of the tenderer box items, but when I finally got the rutabagas out, all but two had gone soft. As this is a totally unfamiliar veggie to me, I Googled to discover that no, rutabagas should not be soft.

The holidays came and went, and, of course, my inattention resulted in the remaining two rutabagas going soft, too. Unwilling not to experience rutabagas as part of my Winter CSA adventure, I purchased two imposter rutabagas at Yokes. My mom made a rutabaga/potato casserole along these lines with the two CSA rutabagas I gave her way back when they were fresh, but she was unimpressed. So I put one of my imposter rutabagas into the first recipe for Box 5, instead of parsnips.

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